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Because changing the world only happens...



My name is Josh Martin and I am a retired wanderer who now lives on the West Coast. While born in South Korea and adopted at an early age by loving parents in Pennsylvania, I have found it to be true that the #westcoastbestcoast.

The path that my life has taken has included numerous states, various career paths, and a cultivated love for moments: points in time where time has no bearing. 

Yet, the common denominator for my life has always been an impassioned fight against loneliness in all its forms. I long to live in a world where people are properly connected and empowered where the contributions of all are supported and encouraged. It is only when everyone is included in the conversation that we can generate the world in which we all deserve.

This site serves as a landing page for my life: from my experience as an early stage startup Sales Manager to the writing endeavors I am pursuing on the side, as well as numerous other projects and ventures that make up my life. 

I feel most at home in the wilderness, reading a book, sharing food with friends, and appreciating beauty in all other forms.

Feel free to browse and shoot me a message if you want to connect further! I'm always looking to make connections!

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